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At Rolas Pet Boutique, every item or design has been chosen for its special meaning and this is why this matching outfit is one of our crowd favourites:

The pride colors each hold a different meaning, and each colour represents an important value in our beautiful planet. Not only the diversity of the LGBT community and the "spectrum" of human sexuality and gender but mostly represents the freedom of life. Let's take a look at what each of the rainbow colours represents.
Material: 100% Cotton Fleece
Type of dog: Small to medium sized dogs
Colours available: Rainbow 1 & Rainbow 2
Style: Bring the colours of the rainbow everywhere you go! 
Pet Size: Choose according to table above 
Human Size: One size fits all
LENGTH : 25.5" / 65 CM
CHEST : 55.5" / 142 CM
 We have finally found the perfect fit for all furry kid parents! One size fits all. Roomy fit style that is not fitted, and yet not sack. You can tuck in to allow your waistline to be seen, or keep loose-fitting top from hanging on your figure and give a nonchalant, casual feel.
The red in the flag represents life. This makes sense if you think about how blood is red and how often blood is thought of as a vital life force of the body. Red also represents passion among many cultures. And, passion is ideally where life originates from.

Orange represents healing. As a color, orange is believed to be a fun and celebratory color. Fun and celebration are both healing activities.

If you guessed that yellow represented sunlight, you would be correct. The color yellow functions as the flag's radiant and bright center. The color yellow is said to stimulate new ideas and thoughts.

There's a lot of green in nature, which is what this color on the original pride flag is meant to convey. Nature is a healing place, and the color green is associated with prosperity and growth.

The blue in the original pride flag was for serenity. Little is more important than the ability to feel calm and serene. Blue is known as a relaxing color that soothes the soul. The color blue is often used for nighttime consumer products to represent bedtime and calmness.

The last color, purple, represents spirit. Purple is often thought of as a regal, royal color that, on its own, denotes pride. Like blue, purple is considered a calming color, but rather than being associated only with calm, the color purple connects us to the spiritual realm.

👌Fabrics Quality:

The set feels soft and light, with just the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and a size that fits all is flattering for both men and women. We can't compliment this Set enough – it's one of our crowd favourites. And it's sure to be your next favourite too!

✔️ Premium quality cotton fleece Fabric
✔️ super cosy



We recommend washing inside out in cold or warm water with like colours. Dry on low to medium heat or hang to dry. Please, do not use bleach or oxycline.